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The FSU School of Dance is now accepting applications for two full-time positions, chairperson and contemporary techniques.  Please visit, select "Browse Openings", Select "Faculty Job Openings", and then look for "Chairperson - School of Dance 9 month" and/or "Assistant Professor - Dance 9 month."

As one of the top dance programs in the nation, FSU Dance is known for:

  • Prestigious, award winning resident faculty and staff.
  • Exciting guest artists, teachers and choreographers.
  • The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography. Our nation’s only choreographic research center within a university setting.
  • Extraordinary dance and performance technology facilities.
  • FSU in NYC! Spend a fall semester immersed in the New York dance experience while you continue your classes. Includes an Internship!
  • Limited access. We accept the best students and give them our full attention and mentorship.
  • Our students practice what they learn in the classroom. Over fifteen fully produced performances a year, as well as numerous informal performance opportunities.
  • Summer study abroad programs in Valencia, Spain and Paris, France.

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